If you’re much of a gamer at all then you’ve probably heard of Steam: the multi-purpose platform masterminded by Gabe Newell which allows PC gamers to purchase games, communicate with friends and stores their saves on the cloud.

The good news is that in addition to all of those things the platform offers periodic sales which involve discounts of up to 80% on big titles, as well the recent option for developers to put their games on sale at any time. The platform even offers a ‘wish list’ to which you can add games that you want, and be notified when they go on offer. Don’t worry if you are a console gamer – Valve have plans to release a console of their own in the coming year, and guess what? All of your purchases will transfer over.


If you’re tired of restrictive policies that only let you register a key a couple of times, or irritating online connections that are required to play single player games, then GOG could be your new best friend. Focusing on the sale of DRM free games, the website also offers weekly sales on items, with some big title games but also many smaller indie titles. For the collector, every purchase includes, soundtracks, artwork, wallpapers and more for no extra fee.

There’s also a ‘community’ section of the website which features giveaways from other members, as well as trades.


Humble Bundle

Humble bundle

Originally created by indie game company Wolfire Games, Humble Bundle was met with such success that it warranted a separate company to be founded, Humble Bundle inc. Originally focusing on indie games, the company soon expanded to include games from huge companies such as EA, Deep Silver and THQ.

The website now runs weekly and flash sales in addition to its monthly bundles and operates on a “pay what you want” model. The consumer pays anything over $1 (60p) for a certain selection of games or can choose to pay more than the average purchase in order to gain access to more. They can then choose how much of that money goes to the game developers, how much goes to Humble Bundle inc. and how much goes to charity.


Humble bundle purchasecropped

The website now offers occasional bundles for Android phones, eBooks, comics, music and films.




Perhaps surprisingly, online giant Amazon often offers great deals on games over at the digital downloads section of their US site. Competing with Steam, the retailer offers discounts which often top Steam sales during the same period. Digital downloads are only officially available in the US, but you can simply add a US address to your account and purchase and redeem as usual. *

*Please note that Amazon cannot guarantee support or refunds on purchases for customers outside of the US.




Used on consoles to rent games on a subscription based model, Gamefly also offers services for PC gamers. Steering away from rentals on this platform, the company offer the usual purchase, often for a discounted price. Though often falling short of the other methods suggested during sale periods, it’s always worth a check here at other times of the year for exclusive deals.