Apply, apply, and apply!

Everyone knows how hard the job-market is right now so I won’t go on about that. But the more applications you send, the more likely you are to find work or experience. Try joining LinkedIn, or creating an online CV. This makes it easier for employers to find you, and helps you to stand out a little more. Don’t get disheartened – there are still jobs everywhere. You just have to put yourself out there as much as possible!


Take a trip

Travelling is a great experience, and one that can be more difficult to experience later in life. Right now you have no mortgage and you’re probably not tied down to a job. If you are – congratulations! But if you’re not, seize the opportunity to travel.

First of all you need to decide what you want to do, whether it is a festival, a week in Spain, a gap year or volunteering abroad. Travelling can broaden your horizons, help you gain experience and most importantly, you could have the best time of your life!


You can’t get experience without work, and you can’t get work without experience. Graduates are often caught complaining about this trap, but volunteering is a great way to get experience. Don’t turn your nose up at the lack of money – Often volunteering can end in paid work or internships, and experience is an essential quality for most jobs.


Start thinking about a plan

It doesn’t have to be a big, life-spanning plan. It doesn’t even have to be the next year. When you’re no longer in education, it is your responsibility (eek!) to make sure your life is progressing at the rate you want it to. Whether you’re money motivated, career motivated or anything else, everyone has different goals. Try not to compare yourself to the people who surround you – you are your own person. Maybe you want to find a job, or get a promotion in the next 6 months. Think about how you can get that, make a plan, and stick to it!


Sever negative relationships

This might seem a little different to the others, but you are at a turning point in your life – finishing university, moving out (or home) and starting your career. If you have any frenemies or toxic relationships, cut them out now! You know the ones- they put you down, make snide remarks and talk about you behind your back. You get to choose your own friends. Choose the best possible candidates for the position.