The leading fall 2014 trend has returned for the fresher season. Embracing the trend is an easy style hack for those festival fanatics who love to stay cool and contemporary. Fringe makes an everyday outfit look much more exciting and busier with minimal effort. From velvet to leather, boho-leaning lovers have happily adopted this look.

The surprising all-in-one look is popular among both genders and is back in style just before summer. Denim is a fabric that can be paired with everything and still look good. The playful trend is great for days on the go as dungarees are comfortable for a relaxed situation. After all, the are the inspiration before the more formal play and jumpsuits.

6Wrapping Up
An unusual trend for the warmer months but one that was adored by fashion week’s finest. After Burberry’s personalised capes and blankets, followed by Valentino’s wraps during fall, the poncho fell back into style for spring. The cosy craze is particularly prominent in the colder continents in comparison to ever-sunny weather.

8Rocking Red
From nails to shoes, to all out pantsuits; red is immensely beloved in spring’s street style. A red nail denoted class and elegance with a twist, despite the colour representing the opposite. As an easy colour to dance around, red is a great way to add a little brightness to basic attire. Red all over or a tiny hint of scarlet is slowly sneaking into spring and will become much more popular as the season sets in.

Shirts are available anywhere and everywhere. The best thing about basic cotton shirts are the modest prices. Both genders can grab hold and run with this trend as shirts are in stores all year round. Button-ups can easily become the statement piece in an outfit so experiementing with a bold print of subtle flow is a marvelous way to spice up the spring wardrobe without having to splash out on unessary items.