If you haven’t seen them posing, I mean posting on Instagram by now, then maybe you should take a quick look.

The name ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ (R.K.O.I) is hardly ambiguous, so pretty much anyone can guess who and what they are about:

  1. These ‘kids’ are rich
  2. There is a clear obsession with Instagram and posting multiple selfies

So, with that being said, check out my top 5 current thoughts on these Rich Kids of Instagram.



Image 1 RKOI

Now, there is no need to show off! Practically anyone can rent out a little boat… like… Oh.

It’s the massive yacht behind the boat that is featured on R.K.O.I?

Ok, so maybe not everyone lives like this but, people can dream.

5. Why is this lady taking a picture on that little thing? I would be chilling out on the yacht, wouldn’t you?




Image 2 RKOI

By now most of you would have a Visa Debit or another form of payment card. Well, these R.K.O.I have American Express Black cards… I mean, American Express Centurion Cards. With an Initiation fee of $7,500 (around £5,000), these kids are doing some serious spending.

Well, don’t let us stop you!

4. Let’s go shopping!




Image 3 RKOI

A lot of people like flowers, for their home!

This R.K.O.I evidently suffers from no pollen allergies as she poses in, what appears to be a… flower pool!?

3. I hope she isn’t looking around for her dropped sunglasses!




Image 4 RKOI

First Class, designer luggage and “#boughtaseatformybags”. Did I mention this R.K.O.I is off to NYC?

2. If you ask me, he reserved a seat for his luggage but, why not his friends? (#Superawkward).




Image 5 RKOI

Miu Miu – Check. Burberry – Check. Coach – Check. Alexander McQueen – Check. Bvlgari – Check.

You get the point, this one R.K.O.I has a massive collection (and obsession) of sunglasses.

1. At least his eyes will be well protected from all those nasty UV rays!