We’ve all been at that point in the year, months after our student loans come in, when our bank accounts have seemed excruciatingly dry. The bills have been paid, the books have been bought and then there have been those nights out when we’ve told ourselves that we were only going out for ‘one drink’ and that’s turned into getting home at 5 in the morning with a premature hangover and a seriously queasy stomach. After that comes hangover day where it’s necessary to go out for lunch with some friends and that leads to more than just picking up a t-shirt from River Island.

Following this, it always seems like there’s no money left for the products that get you looking your best for an unexpected drink or a movie with your new fling. So here are 5 beauty products that are essential for times when you want to get out of the door in a hurry but which won’t break the bank, all coming in under £10.

1. Good Things Stay Clear Anti-Blemish Cleanser (150ml) £4.99 £3.33 *

It’s crucial to wash your face at the beginning of the day. Regular cleansing can reduce the amount of oil that your skin secretes and it can prevent spots and blemishes. One of the best products on the market which does exactly that, specifically designed for oily/combination skin, is the Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser by Good Things, a product free from animal ingredients, mineral oils, parabens and sodium laureth sulphate.

2. Nivea Lip Balm in Original, Vanilla Macadamia, Raspberry Rose and Crème Caramel £2.10-£2.25

This is a multipurpose beauty product which will quickly become a skin life saver! Nivea’s Lip Balm comes in 4 different flavours which are just as delicious smelling as each other and quickly restore dry and chapped lips. However, you can use it on any dry patches of skin that you might have, such as on your elbows or on your cheeks in the winter. My advice would be to use it at night though, just so the moisture is able to sink into the skin as you sleep (and also so you don’t look like an oil slick in the daytime).

3. Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match Protect and Glow Illuminating Light Lotion SPF 20 (50ml) £5.99

The sun can be so harmful to our skin, with continued exposure, and I believe everyone should always protect their skin daily with sun protection. Who knows where you’ll go and how sunny it’ll be, so my tip is to use a moisturiser with SPF in it every morning without fail, whilst also providing your skin with the moisture it needs to look plump and at its best. That’s why the Illuminating Light Lotion from Garnier with SPF 20 is perfect for daily sun protection and its best to apply this straight after cleansing your face.

4. Simple Kind to Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll On (15ml) £5.49

At university, it’s inevitable to have a late night of partying with new friends and then forcing yourself to get up for a 9am lecture. It’s difficult but you have to do it because you chose to go out on a whim the night before. To avoid those bags under your eyes and prevent you from looking like a tired mess, use this eye roller on your bags and dark circles and dab in. The metal roller ball provides instant cooling to reduce puffiness, for a product that you can use on-the-go.

5. Una Brennan Superfacialist Rose Intense Moisture Mask (125ml) £8.99 £5.99

On those days when your skin needs more of a helping hand to look perfect, but still keeping within a certain budget, it’s good to have a mask as a secret weapon. There are hundreds of different masks out there which all do different things for your skin, but one that works particularly well on the days when your skin is parched from drinking too much is the Superfacialist Rose Intense Moisture Mask by Una Brennan. Its job is to hydrate, plump and replenish skin to reveal a calmer and and more radiant complexion.

All of these products can be purchased in Boots and can be used at a moment’s notice, to go from drab to fab!


*N.B.:  Product prices are correct at the time of publication, on www.boots.com.