So many of us saw the thrilling movie The Wolf of Wall Street and if you didn’t, go and buy it now!

If like me you instantly began envisioning yourself as a stock broker, pointlessly spilling champagne, partying on your own yacht while making lots and I mean lots of money. Well, who says it still cannot happen!?

However, the world of finance isn’t just about fast cars and the biggest bonuses. The world of finance is vast and with many sectors involved, you might just be missing out on great opportunities without even knowing.

But do not fear! This article is my financial guide to three very exciting sectors of finance you may not have known existed.


Management Consultancy

(A businesses right hand man)

Have you been at work and noticed things are not running as smoothly as they could?

Your manager doesn’t care, the office is unmotivated and to be honest, things are just a total mess. Many organisations have this problem. The solution, call a Management Consultant.

Management Consultancy is the practice of helping organisations to improve their performance. This is done by analysing how the organisation operates and developing solutions to their problems.

Who would enjoy a job in Management Consultancy?

Management Consulting is ideal for individuals who like to be out of the office communicating with numerous clients in different industries, with the scope for travelling opportunities.

Who is a specialist in Management Consultancy?

A specialist in Management Consultancy is Belimitless Ltd.

Belimitless Ltd. provide Business & Personal Performance Solutions through a combination of services such as consulting, coaching and professional training programmes.

With their head office based in central London, Belimitless are able to take full advantage of their core values of Awareness, Perseverance & Connection.

Did I also mention they have clients across the globe, including Portugal and Denmark?

Belimitless (



(Where law meets finance)

At some point over the last few years you would have heard of a little something known as ‘The Great Recession’ (aka the credit crunch) or that dodgy occurrence going on within investment banking.

No matter what forms you have heard the 2008 recession referred to in, its impact on investment banking was enormous. Obligated by their regulatory authorise to reform their practices, the only way to do this was through Compliance.

A Compliance Department is the unit of an organisation or financial institution which ensures adherence to laws, regulations and rules.

Who would enjoy a job in Compliance?

Compliance is perfect for individuals who would enjoy a job role which is always changing and growing.

Who is a specialist in Compliance?

A specialist in Compliance is Corporate Serious Company (CSC).

CSC efficiently handles and stores sensitive data including: service of process, contracts, and documents related to mergers and acquisitions outside of counsel. In addition, they also help corporate legal departments.

Although CSC’s Headquarters are situated in Wilmington, Delaware, other offices can be found throughout Europe, Canada and the U.S.

Corporate Serious Company (



Foreign Exchange

(The market that never sleeps)

When going abroad, we all like that moment when it is time to exchanging our money to another currency for our holiday spending.

The moment is made even greater when we get more of another currency; let’s say the dollar, for our pound sterling. Not only are we left extremely happy with more money but, our shopping experience is made even more exciting.

This process is known as Foreign Exchange.

Foreign Exchange (FX or Forex) is the market which currencies are traded.  It is currently the largest market in the world and operates at all hours of the day.

Who would enjoy a job in Foreign Exchange?

Foreign Exchange is best for individuals who thrive on a fast passed environment, requiring split second decision making.

Who is a specialist in Foreign Exchange?

A specialist in Foreign Exchange is Alpari.

Alpari UK enables retail, professional and institutional clients to trade on various electronic trading platforms. Additionally, Alpari UK also provide market research and tools.

Alpari offices can be located in Europe, Asian and UAE.

Alpari (