So I’m no longer a ‘teenager’ it seems.
All of us have a checklist of things we want to achieve, sometimes being to simply just do the washing, or hoover the flat.

Searching the internet, a lot of people have written journals of things they wanted to do or achieve by the time they are twenty…

This is what I should have apparently already achieved in my life by now:
Graduated school or university – half true
Learn’t how to cook – debatable
Learn’t how to drive – again, debatable
Visited a different country – done and continuing to do
Met somebody famous – can’t seem to remember someone who everyone would know
Learn’t another language – still attempting this
Done volunteer work – still doing this
Met a lifelong friend – definitely have
Got a tattoo – I’m afraid I’ve clearly failed at life then
Donated blood – done and keep on doing so

I’d much rather make a list of things I want to do whist I’m twenty however. I guess being just another new years resolution…

Learn a new language
Learn how to cook more of a variety of food
Actually get and perfect a signature
See and visit many more new places and countries
Have a good ‘new years’
Get my fortune told
Give more time to Volunteer
From September, work harder on my studies
Use my summer wisely
Get fit
Enjoy and start photography work
Reduce, reuse, recycle
And finally, enjoy everything as much as I can!

This first year of university has already swung by so quickly. Soon I will be out of university, getting a full time job, ‘living for the weekend’, no longer spending my money on 80 pence mixers. Oh lord…