1.101 Dalmations

01 - 101 DalmationsPeg from Lady and the Tramp appears in the pet shop window.

2.Treasure Planet

02 - Treasure PlanetStitch from Lilo and Stitch can be seen on a shelf on the left side of the room.

3.Finding Nemo

03 - Finding NemoLuigi from Cars can be seen driving by when the aquarium fish are floating on the surface of the ocean.


04 - AladdinSebastian makes an appearance briefly with the Genie.


05 - TarzanMrs. Potts, Chip, and the rest of the tea set from Beauty and the Beast can be seen on the camp table.

6.Lilo and Stitch

06 - Lilo and StitchA poster for Mulan can be seen on the wall.

7.Princess and the Frog

07 - Princess and the FrogThe magic carpet from Aladdin can be seen in the street view.


08 - AladdinWhile the Sultan is stacking figurines, the Beast from Beauty and the Beast can be seen on the left.

9.Finding Nemo

09 - Finding NemoIn the waiting room of the dentist’s office, a boy can be seen reading a Mr. Incredible comic book from the Incredibles.

10.Hunchback of Notre Dame

10 - Hunchback of Notre DameBelle from Beauty and the Beast, the magic carpet from Aladdin, and Pumbaa from the Lion King can all be spotted in the streets of Paris.


11 - HerculesScar from the Lion King makes an appearance.

12.Monsters Inc.

12 - Monsters IncBoo shows sully a doll of Nemo from Finding Nemo.


13 - AladdinThe Genie briefly changes his head into that of Pinocchio.

14.Finding Nemo

14 - Finding NemoBuzz Lightyear can be seen sitting in front of a toy chest in the corner of the dentist’s office.

15.Lilo and Stitch

15 - Lilo and StitchThe Chinese restaurant in Lilo and Stitch is called ‘Mulan Wok’.


16 - TangledPinocchio can be see wedged up in the rafters of the Snuggly Duckling.

17.Toy Story 2

17 - Toy Story 2Toys of the characters from A Bug’s Life can be seen on display in Al’s Toy Barn.

18.Monsters Inc.

18 - Monsters IncOne of the shades that Randall camouflages himself with is the wallpaper of Andy’s room from Toy Story.


19 - RatatouilleA dog appears and barks at Remey the Rat, and from its shadow on the wall one can see that it is Dug the Dog from Up.


20 - Wall-ERex from Toy Story can be seen tucked away in Wall-E’s collection.


21 - BraveSully from Monsters Inc. makes an appearance as a carving in the witch’s hut.

22.Nightmare Before Christmas

22 - Nightmare Before ChristmasThe witch from Snow White appears as a citizen of Halloween Town, apple in hand.

23.James and the Giant Peach

23 - James and the Giant PeachJack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas appears as a skeleton pirate.