With Spring on the way, it may as well be Summer! With the upcoming Easter break, essays are round the corner and exams are approaching. To slip out of revision and junk food stupor, let us turn our attention to holidays and going abroad. The number of LAD or LADy holidays continue to rocket. Hot spots including the likes of Ibiza, Kavos, Zante, Malia and Magaluf are always on the receiving end of a gaggle of exam-free youngsters searching for a cheap drink and spot on the beach in the sun.  But this begs the question, are guy and girl holidays really worth the money? Or are they just an expensive and extended night out?

Back in 2009, I and nine other girl-friends boarded the plane to Malia. One of the best holidays we have had together, even to this day we look back and reflect on the memories of our first holiday together as 18-year-old bushy tailed, ambitious adolescents. Feeling the world was our oyster we embarked upon the true fashion of a girls holiday…enjoying the sun, pool, drinks and….sand. Yet what we really gained from this week of pure thrills and spills was how much closer as a group we had become. Friends for seven years, it seemed surprising that a few days in a foreign country could do this, but the pictures, memories and smiles reveal otherwise.

But why do so many venture on a 18-30 LAD or 2wentys LADy holiday? Is it to explore our freedom when we’re at the peak of freedom? Or is it to have some nonsensical nights and days of excitement where the beach is the only thing calling the next day…not a pile of essay titles with scribbles and incoherent jotting beneath. It isn’t uncommon to hear that dangerous and sometimes life threatening things can happen on holiday with no adults or parents around; this seems to be one of the things a parent fears most. Who can forget the case of the boy that drowned whilst inebriated in Malia, back in 2009. Do we forget or do we just ignore. If we’re sensible and our friends are sensible, there won’t be an issue will there..

Granted, the scenery of the country may not be the prime concern of a group of 18 year olds, but having an enjoyable week is definitely one. I’m one to believe that young people shouldn’t all be branded together as one thing, so I’m not going to state that everyone goes abroad just to abuse the cheap drink deals. LAD and LADy holidays are now and most likely will continue to be popular and seen as a milestone in a young person’s life.  Character building and enjoyable at the same time,  I can’t guarantee there is four ladies or four gentlemen awaiting you and your three single friends like in The Inbetweeners movie, but  I can guarantee you’ll have an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

Now isn’t that a thought to consider to get you through your studies.

Image sourced from: http://www.ctmstravel.com/services-benefits/incentive-travel.html